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In today’s world some people are confusion around branding, there are multiple definitions depending on who you ask, so what is branding? Years ago branding was mostly defined as a name, slogan, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of all of the above elements that identify a product(s) or services of a company.


Today branding is a bit more complex, but even more important in today’s world of marketing and social media. Branding is the perception that a consumer has when they hear of your company name or see your logo, service or product. That being said the word “brand” or “branding” is a moving target and evolves with the behavior of consumers, think of it as the mental picture of who you as a company represent to consumers, it’s influenced by the elements, words, and creativity that surround it. 

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies each day. It's crucial to spend the time to invest in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all, your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer, it is your lively hood which you live and breath everyday. 

Branford Police Department Logo

The Mission of the Branford Police Department:

To provide professional and progressive police services while proactively developing and maintaining strong community relationships.We strive to accomplish this mission through collaboration and commitment to service with honor, integrity and trust.

Branford Police Logo
Branford Police Logo Design
Branford Police CT Logo design
Hooked Up Customs

Hooked Up Customs:

As a full-service AquaTraction dealer, Hooked Up Customs works directly with boat owners to measure, customize the design, and properly install the product as well as boat manufacturers, OEM partnerships.

House of Heroes CT

The mission of House of Heroes, Inc. is to recognize and honor military and public safety veterans and/or their spouses who have served our country faithfully and sacrificially. Through service to these veterans and their spouses, House of Heroes, Inc. volunteers attempt to express gratitude that can never be adequately expressed in words alone by.

Tome Vanacore Logo

Tom Vanacore

Realtor / Real Estate Investor

Manny Santiago Visuals

Manny Santiago Visuals.

Director / Director of Photography / Editor / Photographer

Criminal Justice Cafe

Criminal Justice Cafe

Criminal Justice Podcast

Transparent conversations about controversial subjects within the Criminal Justice System, from the inside out.

Armitron Adventure

Armitron Adventure was a sub brand of Armitron that I created while I was working at E. Gluck. The concept started with an idea to grow our business by tapping into a new category in the watch market. It all started with the name and then from there it grew into designing the logo. Once the logo direction was agreed upon by my team/ co-workers it evolved into the different variations of the logo and then font that would be used for branding and brand markings on the product. 

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