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Welcome to MRZ Designs! I’m Michael Zaleta owner and designer here at

MRZ Designs. I am a Connecticut based Designer who strives at creating

designs focusing on the details, staying on trend and continuously being

innovative and pushing the boundaries.

I have been in the design industry for over 10 years now and have worked

in a variety of roles doing everything from graphic design to industrial/

product design and product development. MRZ Designs specializes in

logo design, brand identity and website design helping many brands and

businesses grow year over year.

I have focused in soft goods and hard goods categories both in design

and product development overseeing the product life cycle from concept

to production and has experience traveling overseas to work with vendors

and suppliers. I have also worked on brand identity, graphic design,

marketing and product development and packaging working with global

brands.I consider myself a knowledgeable designer who strives at creating

the best designs for clients focusing on the details, staying on trend and

understanding brand and identity. Passionate, analytical, and results-

driven style about designing new and innovative solutions for today’s

design problems. 

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